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Topical Time January - February 2011 Edition
Topical Time January / February 2011 edition. The Art of Alfons Mucha on Recent Postal Cards & The World of Unusual Topics.

ATA Archived Articles

Over the 60 years that the ATA has been in existence, many articles have appeared in our award-winning magazine, Topical Time. In the accompanying list, the archived articles have been grouped by topic or topics. The topics include articles that are of a general nature; subtopics are listed in many instances. The number of pages noted beside the main topic includes all of the subtopic pages. Those items with a # symbol indicate the subtopics.

Article copies are available for $0.30 per page, emailed in PDF format, or $0.50 per page if printed and mailed. Please send your requests and U.S. check or post office money order for payment to ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, or pay electronically through PayPal to

Many thematic collectors have found elusive information in the Topical Time archived articles, and especially in the 35,000+ pages available in the digital archive, that is available nowhere else. Enrich your collecting by purchasing these amazing resources.