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Topical Time, July/August 2015 edition.

ATA Membership Directory released summer 2015.

Wild Cats in Art Handbook
Topical Handbook 161 - Wild Cats in Art.

Topical DVD "Integrating the US Navy."

Membership Benefits

Topical Time
Topical Time is the 92-page, bi-monthly journal of the ATA and is mailed to all members worldwide or accessed electronically according to member preference. It has been in continuous publication since 1949 and is currently edited by Wayne Youngblood.

Other Publications

Membership Directory
The ATA releases a triennial Membership Directory so that its members can connect with other collectors around the world who share their collecting interests. All 1200 ATA checklist topics are listed to pinpoint interest areas. New members pay only $5 for a Directory and postage is free.

One of the most valuable ATA services is the Checklist Service, for members starting a new topical collection. Almost 1200 checklists are currently offered. If a desired topic is not found, customized checklists from the Checklist dATAbase inroduced in 2014 are available. The member-to-member service is available at nominal cost. Checklists are emailed to members in Excel or .pdf format or paper copies are mailed. ATA members purchase checklists only once; free updates are available annually as long as ATA membership is maintained.

Topical Handbooks
The ATA has published many handbooks on popular topics. Members receive a discount from list prices when purchasing recent handbooks. The link to the right leads to a complete list.

Topical Time Archive
A wafer-style flash drive containing all issues of Topical Time (almost 400 to date) and a comprehensive index is available. Click on the link at the right for more information.

Archived Articles
Copies of articles which have appeared in Topical Time, categorized by topic, are available to anyone.

Several DVDs, on a plethora of popular collecting topics, are available. They are suitable for beginning to intermediate collectors, stamp clubs, youth groups or community groups.

National Topical Stamp Show & ATA Meeting (NTSS)
Every year since 1952, the ATA has held its annual meeting in a different location around the United States and Canada. That meeting is now part of NTSS, the largest all-topical show in the United States, sponsored by the ATA. NTSS 2017 will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Stamp shows which have a topical section in their prospectus can obtain for free the ATA Best in Topical Award certificate or Best in Topical First Medal for the best topical exhibit in the show. The ATA Second Place Award and Third Place Award medals are also available at no cost. ATA Novice and Youth Awards are also available free of charge to shows having novice and youth entries. Contact the ATA Awards Director for more information.


Estate Assistance
The ATA provides an estate and heirs assistance service. Please contact the ATA Office regarding this service.


Study Units
The ATA has 52 major topic Study Units comprised of worldwide collectors of similar topical interests.

The ATA has 40 affiliated chapters in both the U.S. and worldwide. Chapters are local stamp clubs that have several members who are interested in topical collecting.