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ATA Checklists - Available to ATA Members Only
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ATA is the world's leading supplier of topical stamp checklists. Checklists are one of our best member services. The ATA is now making its checklists available to members from a dATAbase containing over 400,000 stamps and 694,874 topical listings.

The April 2018 checklist update includes a new list for Cupcakes. Check out your favorite topics to see how much they've grown! If you don't find your topic listed, ATA can customize a checklist for you. Order by email, phone or postal mail. Contact the ATA Office,, for information.

Checklists marked with an asterisk(*) in the ATA listings contain Beyond the Catalogue (BTC) items: Basic types of common philatelic items issued by governments but not usually listed in Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, e.g., booklet covers, meter stamps, postal cards, postal stationery, postmarks.  These items can add special meaning to a collection or an exhibit--and often their existence is unknown to a collector. ATA checklists are one of the few sources of this type of information.

Costs for the checklists are:
Emailed (Excel file, or .pdf file if requested): Two cents per listing. A checklist with 200 stamp items costs $4.
Mini-topics (checklists with less than 150 items) cost $3.
Maxi-topics (checklists with more than 3,750 items) cost $75.
Mailed: Add ten cents per page for printing (~50 items per page), plus actual postage to mail. Contact ATA Office for assistance.
Checklist Updates: ATA members purchase a checklist from the new dATAbase (since 1 May 2014) are entitled to free updates once/year as long as ATA membership is maintained.

For all checklist listings, the numbers after the checklist names denote the number of items in the checklist. Generally, if all the stamps in a set are of the same basic design, there is just one item listed; it will contain all the Scott numbers in the set.

When you order checklists, you will find the following checklist information for each item:

of philatelic Issue


Issue date
(year, month, 


catalogue number


Non-Scott numbered souvenir or
mini sheet?

Checklist Listings

Alphabetical Listings
(~1200, plus ~400

Checklist titles are shown
according to the three
general FIP thematic
exhibiting categories:
They are then subdivided within the topic.  

“Abacus to Zoos”
This listing is presented
alphabetically for use
for quick topic
searching. More than 90
bird and 75 flower
species are sprinkled

The checklists of
individual people
are included in
topical or
alphabetical listings, but they are isolated here
for ease in