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DVD case cover of the newly released Space Weather A Philatelic Journey DVD.

The cover of the Insects on Stamps Vol. IV handbook issued in 2014. This publication is also available on DVD. Please see below.


Plants on Stamps Handbook
The cover of the Plants on Stamps Vol. V handbook issued in 2013. This publication includes ATA handbooks 'Plants I-V' plus 'Orchids.' This handbook is also available on DVD. Please see below.

Plants on Stamps DVD

Watercraft on Stamps handbook cover
The cover of the Watercraft on Stamps handbook reissued in 2013.

Watercraft on Stamps handbook DVD The art for the Watercraft on Stamps handbook DVD label.

Disney on Stamps
The cover of the Disney on Stamps handbook reissued in 2013. This handbook comes in two, full-color volumes.

Wild Cats Handbook
Wild Cats in Art handbook by Greg Balagian.


Space Weather Handbook DVD Released by ATA

Solar storms that cause bright auroras can also affect people and technology in space and on Earth. The development of the scientific understanding of that Sun-Earth relationship is examined in Space Weather—A Philatelic Journey, a new philatelic handbook published in 8.5x11" print and DVD formats by the American Topical Association.

Written by meteorologists Garry Toth and Don Hillger, it contains descriptive text, stamp and cover images, and an extensive and up-to-date checklist. More than 200 pages of detailed information are included. The DVD is in printable .pdf format with checklist appendices also in Excel.

The hardbound printed handbook is $65, or $60 for ATA members, plus $4 postage in the U.S., $26 postage to Canada, or $37 postage elsewhere. The DVD is $35, or $30 for ATA members, plus $1.50 postage in the U.S. and Canada, or $3 elsewhere. Order from American Topical Association, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008 USA,

New Handbook Coming Summer 2017

A new ATA handbook by author Victor Eichler on the topic of frogs/amphibians in the cultures of the world as depicted on postage stamps, is to be released Summer 2017.

Press Release - ATA Publishes Insects on Stamps Handbook

A popular topical collecting area is insects on stamps: everything from butterflies to honey bees to dragonflies to beetles to cockroaches. Collectors of that topic have important new resources, thanks to a major project by American Topical Association member and retired entomologist Don Wright.

The ATA has released a new Insects on Stamps handbook, as well as a DVD, with stamps listed by country and scientific classification. The book, in convenient six-by-nine inch spiral bound format, includes all insect stamps from 2003 to 2013. Previous ATA handbooks list earlier issues.

The Insects on Stamps DVD lists all insect stamps from 1893 to 2013, in both searchable .pdf files and CVS files (comma separated version), for collectors who want to import the information into a database or spreadsheet. Also included in the handbook and DVD are 10 pages of color stamp images.

The book's publication is being underwritten by the ATA's Biology Unit. It was designed by graphic designer Amanda Morgenstern. Cost for the book is $50, $45 for ATA members. The DVD is $35, $30 for ATA members. There is no cost for postage if purchased at APS StampShow in Hartford, or from ATA Ambassadors at stamp shows around the country. The book and DVD may also be ordered by contacting the ATA:, 618-985-5100.

ATA Publishes Comprehensive Guide to Plants on Stamps

A new resource for topical collectors is available from the American Topical Association. Plants V lists more than 7000 botanical stamps issued from 2003 to 2012.

The handbook is available as a spiral bound book, or electronically on a DVD. The electronic version includes the four previous plants handbooks, beginning with stamps issued prior to 1959, and following through to the new book. It also includes Orchids on Stamps. Editor Chris Dahle, an active philatelic botanist, noted that the electronic version allows users to search by country, as well as plant family, making the reference flexible.

The 230-page resource was designed by Amanda Morgenstern, a Cambridge-trained graphic designer. It includes 12 full color pages of stamps featuring plants. The book is $40, or $35 for ATA members, plus postage. The DVD is $35, $30 for ATA members, plus postage.

The book or DVD may be ordered by contacting the ATA Office. American Topical Association, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008; phone 618.985.5100; or email

Press release - ATA Reissues Watercraft on Stamps Handbook

The American Topical Association (ATA) has released a second printing of its popular Watercraft on Stamps handbook. The first (smaller) edition of the book has been out of print for several years. To honor multiple requests for the book, a second printing in an expanded size format has been made.

Watercraft on Stamps was edited by Katherine A. Kirk of ATA's Ships on Stamps Unit. Contributors include Bjoern Moritz, Wolf Spille and Myron Molnau. The handbook was designed by Amanda Morgenstern and printed by Minuteman Press. Read more...

New ATA Handbook: Wild Cats in Art

The American Topical Association is releasing its 161st handbook on topical collecting at APS AmeriStamp in Charleston. The title of the newest handbook is Wild Cats in Art. Authored by Greg Balagian, it is the first multi-part book released by the ATA. Extensive in detail, it includes both Scott and Michel numbers for listed stamps.

The new ATA handbook will be of special interest to collectors of art on stamps as well as those interested in feline philately. Wild Cats consists of 357 pages, size 8.5"x11", with more than 2500 high-quality color illustrations. Stamps from 220 countries are listed and illustrated. Hundreds of illustrations have accompanying vignettes that show the details of the felines in the art work of the stamps.

Balagian is a noted philatelist and has exhibited "Big Cats and Humans," where he showcased the representation of felines in art, religion, literature, entertainment, heraldry and astrology. This book is a natural extension of his interest and expertise.

The graphic designer for the latest ATA handbook is Amanda Morgenstern, a young American philatelist with a BA (Honors) in Graphic Design and an MA in Typographic Design from Cambridge School of Art in the UK. Morgenstern began her career with Hallmark Cards in the UK and is now a freelance designer. Her clientele includes the ATA as well as other U.S. and international entities. In 2009, her work for a client won a Platinum MarCom award. Morgenstern's online portfolio can be found at

The professional printing of Wild Cats in Art was done by Minuteman Press of Toledo, Ohio, which is donating a copy of the handbook to the American Philatelic Society. Presentation of newly-printed copies of the book, to the author and Ken Martin, Executive Director of APS, is occurring at an ATA Member Roundtable meeting at APS AmeriStamp in Charleston on February 12, 2011. View a sample page from Wild Cats in Art

The price of the new handbook is $75 ($72 for ATA members), plus $3.50 domestic postage. Copies will be available later this year at ATA society tables at the National Topical Stamp Show in Milwaukee, APS StampShow in Columbus, the ASDA National Stamp Show in New York, and Chicagopex. A limited number of books has been printed. After the initial printing will be sold, print-on-demand books will be available at an approximate cost of $90, domestic delivery included.

Orders for the new ATA handbook may be made by check sent to ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, by MasterCard/Visa/Discover called or faxed to the ATA Central Office at 618-985-5100, or by PayPal to