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The May/June issue of Topical Time was mailed on May 6. Domestic members can expect to receive it within 9 business days after mailing. Please keep the ATA Office supplied with your current email address.

Excerpts from NTSS 2014 exhibits are now available for viewing on the exhibiting page.

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Topical Time May, June 2016 Cover of the May/June 2016 edition of Topical Time. Click the cover for an enlarged image.

This oversized Fleetwood cover has a block of four stamps that were issued in 1947 to mark the centenary (100 years) of the first U.S. postage stamps. Some of the ways the mail has been delivered over time are pictured on the cover. Discover more about "Moving the Mail" in the fall edition of Topical Tidbits. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

ATA Membership Directory 2015-2017 is now available.


Free New York City Checklist

The American Topical Association wants to put you in the mood for the World Stamp Show NY2016 with a free "New York City" checklist. This list, comprising 66 stamps, postal cards and postmarks, is free to ATA members and nonmembers alike, through June 30. This newly developed list was the project of New York city resident, Allan Fisk. Download the PDF version.

New Checklist Update

The April 2016 checklist updates, including the March Linn's new issue listings, contain more than 500 added items. If you don't find your topic listed, ATA can customize a checklist for you. Contact the ATA Office,, for information. Click here to view updated checklists.

Checklists marked with an asterisk(*) in the ATA listings contain Beyond the Catalogue (BTC) items: Basic types of common philatelic items issued by governments but not usually listed in Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, e.g., booklet covers, meter stamps, postal cards, postal stationery, postmarks. These items can add special meaning to a collection or an exhibit--and often their existence is unknown to a collector. ATA checklists are one of the few sources of this type of information.

New Members-Only Website Released

The ATA is pleased to announce the release of its new members-only website, Members should consult their December 3, "Because You Belong" email for their username, temporary password and instructions for logging into the site. If you don't find it in your email inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

The new website contains all 2016-2013 Topical Time issues in page turning format, with PDF versions coming soon. Members can also renew their membership by clickiing the Join/Renew link at the top. We hope that our members will find this new resource useful, and visit it regularly as we add new features!

Fall Edition of Topical Tidbits
Moving the Mail

Have you ever wondered how the mail was sent from one town to another? In the past, it could take weeks or even months for a letter to reach its destination. Today, most letters only take a day or two. Learn more about methods of mail delivery and creation of the zip code in the fall edition of Topical Tidbits.

"Under The Big Top" Video

The ATA and the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library have partnered to produce a 17-minute video highlighting stamps related to the circus. The video was based on a philatelic exhibit featuring the circus prepared by the late Roland Essig. It can be viewed or downloaded free here. This video would make an excellent program for your stamp club, youth group or even a civic or community group. Roland left his philatelic estate to the ATA and we are pleased to help promote his topical legacy. Watch for more partnership videos between ATA and the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library in the future.

NTSS 2015 Exhibit Winners

Pages from the top exhibiting winners at NTSS 2015 are now posted. The winners are:
Grand Award (and Best Display Division Award), Larry Davidson for Beavers: Nature's Engineers
Reserve Grand Award, Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz for The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture
Mary Ann Owens One-Frame Grand Award, Fran Adams for The Charter of the United Nations: A Document for World Peace - San Francisco 1945
Most Popular Exhibit, Jean C. Stout for A Celebration of The Cockroach
The complete Palmares for NTSS 2015 are posted on the NTSS page.

Palmares - NTSS 2015

Palmares for National Topical Stamp Show 2015 have been released. Click the following links to view results or visit the NTSS page.
Exhibit Palmares

Literature Competition Palmares