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The July/August issue of Topical Time will be mailed June 29. Domestic members can expect to receive it within 9 business days after mailing. Please keep the ATA Office supplied with your current email address.

Excerpts from NTSS 2014 exhibits are now available for viewing on the exhibiting page.

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Cover of the July/August 2015 edition of Topical Time.
Click the cover for an enlarged image.

National Topical Stamp Collecting Day 2015 cachet. Click the image above for an enlarged version.

Fanciful Flowers, the 2015 Forever postal card will be released on July 31, 2015 at 9 a.m. at NTSS 2015. Click on the image above for an enlarged version.

Such intelligent and fun creatures, learn about Dolphins in the July/Aug edition of Topical Tidbits!

Donald Wright
Donald Wright, 2015 ATA Distinguished Topical Philatelist.

66th annual National Topical Stamp Show, "Trail to Topicals," July 31-August 2, 2015, to be held in Portland, Oregon. Click the postcard front or back above for an enlarged view or click here to read more details about the upcoming show.

ATA Membership Directory 2015-2017, to be released summer of 2015.

Insects on Stamps handbook cover
The cover of the Insects on Stamps Vol. IV handbook issued in 2014. This publication is also available on DVD.

NTSS 2015 Exhibit Winners

Pages from the top exhibiting winners at NTSS 2015 are now posted. The winners are:
Grand Award (and Best Display Division Award), Larry Davidson for Beavers: Nature's Engineers
Reserve Grand Award, Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz for The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture
Mary Ann Owens One-Frame Grand Award, Fran Adams for The Charter of the United Nations: A Documet for World Peace - SanFrancisco 1945
Most Popuar Exhibit, Jean C. Stout for A Celebration of The Cockroach
The complete Palmares for NTSS 2015 are posted on the NTSS page.

New Checklist Update

The August 2015 checklist updates contain 18,200 items more than the last updates that were posted in June. Our checklist coordinators have been very busy! There are five new checklists:  Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis I, Barack Obama, Figure Skating and Speed Skating. Check out your favorite topics to see how much they've grown! 
If you don't find your topic listed, ATA can customize a checklist for you. Contact the ATA Office,, for information. Click here to view updated checklists.

Palmares - NTSS 2015

Palmares for National Topical Stamp Show 2015 have been released. Click the following links to view results or visit the NTSS page.
Exhibit Palmares

Literature Competition Palmares

National Topical Stamp Collecting Day /
Honoring Vietnam Medal of Honor Winners

ATA's 2015 National Topical Stamp Collecting Day cachets, franked with a Vietnam Medal of Honor Winner stamp, are currently being canceled by the USPS cancellation service. Cachets will be mailed to collectors immediately when they are received. See these details to order your copy.

National Topical Stamp Show 2015
First Day Ceremony Announced

The new Fanciful Flowers stamped card will be issued July 31 [at the National Topical Stamp Show in Portland (Clackamas), Oregon]. The card features a stylized illustration of flowers and a bee. This whimsical rendering in red, white and green was inspired by observations of life in a garden. The artist used a process similar to woodblock printing to create the stamp art. The colored petals and fragrances of flowers attract bees, providing these important flower pollinators with food and other nutrients in the form of energy-producing nectar and protein-rich pollen. This mutually beneficial relationship has facilitated the evolution of flowers and bees alike. Art director Ethel Kessler designed the stamped card, illustrated by Cathie Bleck.

You are invited to the First Day Ceremony for the 2015 Forever Postal Card to be issued at National Topical Stamp Show, July 31, 2015, 9 a.m. at the Monarch Hotel & Conference Center, 12566 SE 93rd Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015-9760. Click here to visit the NTSS 2015 page for more show details.

July/August Edition of Topical Tidbits

Dolphins! Such intelligent, fun creatures! Learn all about them in this issue of Topical Tidbits. Read about a very famous dolphin named Pelorus Jack and another dolphin that delivered the mail. There are also jokes, other activities, and the chance to do some dolphin research of your own. Enjoy!
Download the July/August Issue here.

Donald Wright Selected 2015
ATA Distinguished Topical Philatelist

Entomologist Donald P. Wright, Jr., of Pennington, N.J., has been selected as the American Topical Association 2015 Distinguished Topical Philatelist, according to an announcement by DTP Committee chairman, Donald W. Smith. The award will be presented during the National Topical Stamp Show in Portland, Ore., July 31-Aug. 2, 2015.

Since 1956, Don has been a member of the oldest ATA Unit established in 1951 as the Biology Unit. During the 64 years of its existence, Don has served twice as president and three different terms as Unit Vice President. In 1971-1972, Don served as editor of the unit periodical, Biophilately, and continues to serve since 1971 as associate editor for the Entomology column (thus far more than 50 columns). In addition, Don has been the author of or contributor to four ATA Handbooks on Invertebrates, Entomology and Insects (released this year). Read more...

New Topical Album Pages for Youth

The ATA have added ~40 new printable topical album pages in the youth section. Click here to check out the fun, new topics to add to your collection!

New Handbook Coming Summer 2015

A new ATA handbook by author Victor Eichler on the topic of frogs/amphibians in the cultures of the world as depicted on postage stamps, is to be released Summer 2015.

Topical Time Digital Archive Now Updated

The ATA has updated the complete digital archive of all Topical Time issues. It now contains all issues from 1949 through 2014 on an 8 Gb wafer-style flash drive. The comprehensive index of the Archive is posted on this website. Read more...

The April/May Edition of Topical Tidbits
The American Civil War

Join the adventure in the latest edition of Topical Tidbits which takes you to the American Civil War, learning about people, battles and their sites, songs of the time and many interesting facts. Download the April/May Issue here.

Membership Directory

ATA members should click on the Directory link at the left to access the information form for inclusion in the 2015-17 ATA Membership Directory. This is one of ATA's best member services, facilitating contact with collectors around the world who share your topic. Please submit the electronic form--if you haven't already mailed your information--by the middle of April.

Press Release - ATA Publishes Insects on Stamps Handbook

A popular topical collecting area is insects on stamps: everything from butterflies to honey bees to dragonflies to beetles to cockroaches. Collectors of that topic have important new resources, thanks to a major project by American Topical Association member and retired entomologist Don Wright.

The ATA has released a new Insects on Stamps handbook, as well as a DVD, with stamps listed by country and scientific classification. The book, in convenient six-by-nine inch spiral bound format, includes all insect stamps from 2003 to 2013. Previous ATA handbooks list earlier issues. Read more...