ATA web links policy

The following is the ATA policy for accepting link requests:

  1. All submissions: No listing will be allowed on the ATA website without prior permission from the American Topical Association. ATA reserves the right to remove a link at any time for violation of our policies, without prior notice.
  2. ATA members and affiliate societies (including dealers and organizations): You may submit your website URL for listing on the ATA Member Links page of our website. You, your company, or your organization must have a currently valid ATA Membership number to be granted a link on this section. Member's name and ATA number will appear on the page with the listing. Inactive or incorrect numbers will not be included on the ATA Member's Page, but will be placed on the non-member page, if compliant with all other parts of this policy.
  3. Non-ATA members:
    1. Any philatelic society, as well as any philatelic publication, is welcome to submit URLs for inclusion on the ATA website.
    2. Anyone is welcome to submit a URL for a philatelic related, topical, non-commercial website for the ATA website. Commercial websites for non-ATA member dealers will not be approved.

To submit a free web link request (or to request removal of a web link), please use the link request form and follow the instructions on the form.