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Plants on Stamps Electronic Handbook, 2013. $35 (ATA members $30) Contains six Plants on Stamps handbooks.



Electronic Handbooks
ATA handbooks are now produced in electronic format, on DVDs that are readable by both PC and Apple computers. They can be enjoyed on screen or specific pages can be printed for ready reference. The offerings vary according to the handbook, but extra items like vintage handbooks and addenda to the print editions are included on the DVDs. New titles are being readied now, so check with the ATA Office if you are interested in a topic not currently offered.

Program DVDs
ATA Program DVDs are a wonderful way to learn more about topical collecting, and to share one's hobby with stamp, civic, and church groups. ATA Multimedia offerings now consist of 6 Program DVDs; many prior offerings have been retired. They grew out of a 35mm slide show service for rental to clubs and individuals. As slide shows faded from the technology arena, the ATA moved to convert shows into a new available platform for viewing. An agreement with the South African Thematic Association allowed an exchange of DVDs. This partnership proved fruitful, and now philatelic multimedia from both countries is more widely available.

Digital Possibilities for Your Collection
The ATA encourages its members to make copies of their collections and especially their award-winning exhibits. ATA would especially like to obtain exhibits that have won stamp show and most popular exhibit awards. However, the show can be made from any topic; there is an audience for all.