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News & Press, 2005

Mary Ann Aspinwall Owens (1929-2005)

ATA Changing Slide & Lecture Program

ATA Initiates Member Suggestion Awards Program

ATA Releases New "Insects on Stamps" Handbook

ATA to Offer New Novice Class at Future NTSS Shows

ATA Topical Awards Presented by ATA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DTP Nominations Sought from Members

New ATA Awards for Topical Exhibitors

Fifth Supplement to ATA Railways Handbook is now Available

ATA to Host All-Topical Show in Milwaukee

ATA Offers Free Service Directories

"Edwards Rocketplane" CD Released by Space Unit of the ATA & APS

First Day of Issue for Jules Verne and Pat Boone at NTSS 2007

ATA Announces New Benefit for Members as well as Study Unit & Chapter Members

Maryann Bowman Selected as 2005 ATA Distinguished Topical Philatelist

Jack McMahan New Space Cover Catalog

Computers on Stamps Handbook Announced by ATA

2005 National Topical Stamp Show Tours Planned for Milwaukee

National Topical Stamp Show Exhibit Prospectus Available