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NTSS Show Cover 2009
Mock up of the NTSS 2009 show cover.

Military Souvenir Sheet
Souvenir sheet and sheet of nine U.S. military aircraft stamps from The Gambia, which were unveiled during the 2009 NTSS show. These feature art by the first-time stamp artist, Lonnie Pickett of Massachusetts.

Military Sheet 2009

60th Annual ATA National Topical Stamp Show 2009
June 12 - 14
Dayton, Ohio

ATA to Hold National Topical Stamp Show 2009 in Dayton, Ohio
FLIGHT will be the theme of the show that will be held at the Dayton Convention Center next June. 2009 marks 100 years since the Wright Brothers sold their first Wright Military Flyer to the U.S. Army and what better place than Dayton, Ohio to kick off NTSS '09 with a First Day of Issue that portrays several different U.S. Military Aircraft?

But the heart of the show to most attendees is the dealer base. Show chairman Robert J. Mather who brought MILCOPEX in Milwaukee back from the brink of collapse will do all in his power to make this a worthwhile show for ALL philatelists.

Details at this early date are still scant. Bob is looking for dealers of all persuasions from postcards to US and British classics. You will find both familiar and new faces among the many stamp purveyors who will be at this show. Bring your grandkids and kids as we will have STAMP CAMP USA along with free stamps for them. Sit in on some of the meetings and learn a little about starting a side topical collection if you are at a point where you can't find too many new entries for your current collection.

A topic will provide more fun and education on a topic of your own choosing, than you may think. If you have a creative streak, this is the branch of our hobby that will give you freedom to express that. At NTSS '09 you will have a chance to see some great exhibits that are interesting to look at. Who knows? You might win $25 in our "Search For Amelia Earhart" drawing. She was last seen going down among the exhibits and there is a reward for finding her.

"But I'm too busy." That's why we are giving you all of this advance notice. Pencil us in now. Friday June 12 through Sunday June 14, 2009.

"Yes, but I am not interested in topical stamps." Neither were most of us at one time. But we were lucky enough to discover them. However, even if you are not, here is a show with boxes and boxes of stamps and covers that you have not been through before. You'll be surprised at the range of dealers we expect to have!

"With the price of gas being what it is, I can't afford to make the drive." That is the beauty of belonging to a stamp club where you share interests with others living near you. Set up a car pool. With four in the car you can be comfortable and spend only a fraction of the going rate of gas. How does $1.00 a gallon suit you?

"It's at the beginning of vacation time." There is a lot to see and do in Ohio in June. Plan your vacation here and then at the last minute tell your spouse that you just discovered that there will be big stamp show in Dayton that you'd like to see as long as you'll be so close.

"Money is a bit tight now." Start putting aside one or two dollars a week right now. You can have enough to put a dent in your want list by the time of the show.

All the new USPS issues and the problems with soaking have got me thinking of quitting my hobby." If that's the case and you have always enjoyed the philately, then take a look at the advantages of topical collecting. You don't have to get everything on a subject that you collect. You can adjust your want list to just one facet of the topic. Instead of all aircraft, collect just those from one war, one company, or which have two wings. You can do real philatelic studying on practically any topic.

"Topical people are strange." Well, you got me there. Just smile at us and we won't bug you too much…

"Even if I did decide to collect topicals, I wouldn't know where to start." Start at the ATA table. Karen with her neat Texas accent will tell you about the checklists on over 500 topics that we have to get collectors started. She'll show you our range of handbooks, including a couple with more answers than you'd have questions. She'll tell you how to get a fistful of articles on a wide range of topics from almost 60 years of our journal, Topical Time. She'll also give you a free chance to roll a six on a die and win a free DVD from our growing collection. I think she draws the line at singing for you, unless its your birthday.

Watch our upcoming Press Releases as we line up seminars and speakers. If you have never been to the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, that alone is worth the trip up there and we'll have a tour on Monday of that fabulous look back at military aviation over the past century. If this has arrived by USPS mail, please send us an email for the two or three updates we'll be sending out. Money is tight here as well.

We look forward to seeing many of your members at the show. Watch for changes to our website, listed at the top of the first page.

Note: Your club is invited to become a Chapter of the ATA and get free publicity about your events in Topical Time. If you have six ATA members, your club membership is FREE. If you have three ATA members, your club's annual membership is $25 for one year or $100 for five years, and your members can share Topical Time. For more information contact: Fred Skvara, PO Box 6228. Bridgewater, NJ 08807, email:

May your next find be a gem!