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Pony Express FDC
Previous USPS Pony Express First Day Covers.

Pony Express FDC

61st Annual ATA National Topical Stamp Show 2010
June 25 - 27
Denver, Colorado

Theme for 2010 ATA Convention

The ATA 2010 Convention and Exhibition was held June 25-27 in Denver, Colorado, at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport located at 15500 East 40th Avenue. The hotel and convention hall are located adjacent to Interstate I-70, access will be very easy no matter whether you arrive by air or by automobile.
NTSS hotel website

This will be the fifth time that the ATA convention has been held in Colorado. It was held in 1962 at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs; in 1973 at the Denver Hilton Hotel; in 1991 at the Radisson Hotel in Aurora; and in 2003 at the Denver International Airport Holiday Inn. The 2010 convention will be held at the same location as 2003 however the hotel has changed its name.
NTSS Cachets 2010
NTSS Station Cachets, June 25, 26 & 27, 2010, 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express. Seclect cachets available for purchase from the ATA Office.

The 150th anniversary of the Pony Express will be the theme of the 2010 ATA Convention. The Pony Express service started on April 3, 1860, between the cities of St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. Covering 1,966 miles, it took from eight to ten days. There were about 190 stations, 400 station keepers, more than 400 horses, and 800 riders. The mail was carried in leather, rain-proof pouches strapped to the saddle. The postage rate commenced at five dollars per half ounce but was later reduced to one dollar. The Pony Express came to an end on October 24, 1861, because telegraph connections had been completed from the east to the west coast. As the theme of the 2010 convention and exhibition, plans are underway to reenact a Pony Express run during the ATA convention. Details will be published as they become available.

The 2010 convention will include the traditional President's Reception on Friday evening, the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening, and many meetings and seminars on all three days. The highlight will be the all-thematic exhibition known as the National Topical Stamp Show, and there will be stamp dealers from across the country to service the philatelic needs of all attendees. There will also be special tours on Thursday, June 24, and Monday, June 28.

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