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NTSS 2017 Exhibitors
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 23 - 25, 2017


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Exhibit Title





Aspinwall Connection

MaryAnn Owens

Court of Honor




MaryAnn Owens

Court of Honor



The Date is June 24

MaryAnn Owens

Court of Honor



The United Nations and
Palestine : 1947-1951

Fran Adams

This exhibit documents efforts between 1947 and
1951 of the fledgling United Nations organization
to settle the land dispute between the Arab and Jewish populations in the Palestine Mandate
title page



Identity, Fashion

Edwin J.

Noncompetitive topical exhibit



Animal Toponyms
on United States Postmarks

Greg Balagian

This topical exhibit is an excursion through United
States cities, towns, villages, and other places which
bear names of various animals.
title page synopsis



The Lion -
Most Symbolic Animal of All

Greg Balagian

This display exhibit is an exploration of the origin,
development, and application of lion symbolism in
human culture throughout millennia.
title page synopsis plan



The Lynx

Greg Balagian

This single-frame thematic exhibit is a study of all four species of the genus Lynx.
title page synopsis



Walt Disney's First
Superstar:  Mickey Mouse

Ed Bergen

Early (1930s) postal paper and other
ephemera items relating to Mickey’s
immediate and world-wide cultural significance



Walt Disney's Second
Superstar:  Donald Duck

Ed Bergen

Early (1930s and '40s) postal paper and
other ephemera items relating to Donald’s
immediate cultural significance and
ultimate contribution to military morale
during WWII and the Korean conflict (1950s)



Feathers & Fur on
Stamps & Hooks

Robert T. Burney

A comparison of two artistic disciplines focusing
on the beauty of fly-fishing patterns:
stamps and fly tying
title page synopsis



Apollo/Soyuz Test Project

Ray E. Cartier

An exhibit of space covers highlighting the story of
this single U.S./U.S.S.R. flight from inception to
completion, and how it led to personal friendship
title page synopsis



Flight:  Types of Craft That
Have Flown Covers and
Covers That Were Flown

Ray E. Cartier

A diverse grouping of mail flown on a wide variety
of means including pigeons, balloons, aircraft
and spacecraft
title page synopsis plan



They Came to America

Lyman R.

An exhibit of philatelic materials honoring
foreign-born Americans and their contributions
to American culture and technology



Alexander Hamilton:
Soldier, Financier,
Statesman, Founder

Jack R.

This seven-frame display exhibit uses philatelic material, postcards, significant historical ephemera, and other noteworthy collateral items to illustrate the events in Hamilton's life and to highlight his influence on the government, economy, politics, and society of the United States.
title page synopsis plan

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Ancient Egypt 

Leroy Crain

This is a thematic exhibit to introduce the viewer
to a brief overview of the history, food, medical
knowledge, architecture, art, and belief systems
of the Ancient Egyptian society.



Petroleum -
A Philatelist's Story

Anthony Curiale

This exhibit presents a brief history and overview of the industry through the exhibitor’s eyes.
title page synopsis



The Bayeux Tapestry

Jack André

The Bayeux Tapestry is a 950-year-old embroidery depicting William the Conqueror’s invasion of England and victory at Hastings. It was almost destroyed in the French Revolution and by the Nazis. This thematic exhibit presents the Tapestry’s story, mystery, history and celebrity.
title page synopsis plan



The Gentleman
From Pennsylvania

Bill Dipaolo

The life and times of James Buchanan,
15th President, as told by the postal history
of the time
title page synopsis



Incense and Armenian
Scented Paper
(Papier D'Armenie)

Igor Grigorian

This single-frame display exhibit presents history of
incense and creation of a commodity--producing a
pleasant aroma paper that burns without flame.
title page synopsis



Ivan Aivazovsky
Songs to the Blue Seas

Igor Grigorian

This single-frame topical exhibit presents the artist's
fascination with the sea through his major paintings.
title page synopsis



Pre-Christian Armenia
and Temple of Garni

Igor Grigorian

This multi-frame display exhibit explores history
of Armenia from the earliest times to the mid
1st century AD when the last survived
pre-Christian monument, Temple of Garni,
was constructed.
title page synopsis plan



Backyard Chickens

Dawn R.

A comparison of chicken-keeping in
Grandpa’s day with how it is being done today
title page synopsis



The Jewel City -
Postcards of the
Panama Pacific International

Dawn R.

A visit to the last opulent, over-the-top
world’s fair ever held
title page synopsis



An Old-Fashioned
Country Vet (1880-1940)

Barb Harrison

Factual combined story of father/son veterinarians in Hunterdon Co., N.J., 1880-1940. Included are his
home office, instruments, work clothes, farm animals,
and more.
title page plan



Spuds:  Potatoes in
the U.S. at the Turn
of the Last Century

Robert R. Henak

This thematically organized Illustrated Mail exhibit uses contemporary advertising covers and some ephemera to portray the production methods, uses, and folklore of potatoes in the U.S. roughly between 1875 and 1925.
title page synopsis



Ancient Egypt: 
Time of the Pharaohs

Carl I.
Jennings, Jr.

Story of the time of the Pharaohs using a wide
selection of philatelic materials including original
stamp art and other rare materials
title page synopsis plan



Great Players and
Remarkable Games -
A Chess History

Sherri Jennings

A thematic exhibit which discusses some of the
greatest players and most remarkable games
in the history of chess
title page synopsis



The Evolution of
Slave Island, Ceylon

Kathy Johnson

A display exhibit of Slave Island, Ceylon, showing
the evolution of the town through its mail
and relevant collateral materials
title page synopsis



Gombessa: The African
Coelacanth Letimeria

Susan Jones

Key milestones in science, politics and philately tell
the story of a big ugly blue fish known as the
African coelacanth.  Once thought to be extinct,
our story opens in 1938 with the capture of the
first living specimen.
title page synopsis



The Making of
illuminated Manuscripts

Susan Jones

Learn the painstaking process used to craft
the wildly extravagant gilded initials,
intricate miniature paintings and elaborate
borders found in illuminated manuscripts
of the Middle Ages
title page synopsis



Games of the Xth Olympiad
- Los Angeles 1932

Conrad Klinkner

This exhibit covers the period from the initial
effort to obtain the 1932 Olympics and ends
with the closing ceremonies of a very
successful Games.
title page synopsis plan



The Day the Earth Shook

Hovhannes Koshkakarian

This three-frame display exhibit presents the
saddest day in the recent history of
Armenia--the 1988 Earthquake.
title page synopsis



America’s Library –
The Library of Congress

Larry Nix

This display exhibit tells the story of the
Library of Congress: its history, its collections,
its services, and the role of mail in its history.
title page synopsis



The American Library
Association and World War I

Larry Nix

This display exhibit tells the story of the
Library War Service of the American
Library association in WWI.
title page synopsis



Competitive Rowing: 
Errors and Oddities

Clemens A. Reiss

Stamp designers seldom understand this sport
which leads to design errors. The rowers
themselves have been involved in some odd
races and achievements.
title page synopsis



The Coconut Palm, Palm of
Life & Palm of Commerce

Philip J. Stager

The story of the Coconut Palm from its
humble origins to the most economically
important palm in the world for both
the people of the tropics and the
industrialized world
title page synopsis



The Royal Palm

Philip J. Stager

A geographical study of the world’s
premier landscape palm in nature
and the urban environment
title page synopsis



The Wonderful
World of Bamboo

Philip J. Stager

A display type exhibit, organized
thematically, that explores the world
of bamboo and its many uses by man
title page synopsis



Honoring "Old Glory"

Jean C. Stout

This exhibit will illustrate how to respect,
care for, and display our nation’s flag.
title page synopsis



The Story of Blood: 
Myth to Medicine

Jean Wang

This thematic exhibit shows the history of
blood from ancient times to the establishment
of the field of transfusion medicine and modern
day blood banking.
title page synopsis



Lost Almost: 
The Los Alamos, N.M.
Post Office and WWII

Wayne Youngblood

Exhibit traces tortured history of the
Los Alamos, N.M. post office, from
establishment as seasonal (Otowi),
name change, Manhattan Project
"secret" and permanent office in 1947.
title page synopsis








Free Style Exhibits





Add-n Cachets to Slogan
Cancellation Covers
(i.e. hand drawn cachets
added to previously
cancelled slogan covers)

Donald Chafetz

This experimental exhibit in magazine
format has 29 slogan cancelled covers
and each has a hand drawn cartoon
type cachet added and a few are
hand colored. Each cover is unique.



Morristown NJ and the
American Revolutionary War

Donald Chafetz

This experimental exhibition in magazine
format illustrates some highlights of the
Revolutionary War with emphasis on the
strategic role Morristown, N.J. (the Military
Capital of the Colonies) played.



"The Mesozoic Times"

Francis Adams

Mysterious Secrets in our mail "revealed" for the
armchair postal prehistorian








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Penguins Study Unit  (NTSS
2017 Featured Study Unit)





Ships on Stamps Unit





United Nations Philatelists





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