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Stamp Collections
ATA welcomes donations of stamp collections and hobby materials. All such donations should be sent to the ATA Office. They are put to the highest and best use that can be found. Sometimes stamps can be resold for the benefit of ATA. Other stamps might be best used to attract youths and other beginners to philately. However, large, bulky lots of common, used, regular issue stamps are respectfully declined, as they serve neither use well.

Support the ATA

Philatelic Donations
Philatelic donations are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers and are acknowledged with a charitable donation letter acceptable to the IRS. ATA is not allowed to place a value on donations of stamps and collections. However, we may be able to offer suggestions on determining that value or to put a donor in touch with a local source that can assist.

Set Remnants and “Doubles” of stamps,
covers, postmarks and postal stationery

Most topical collectors buy complete sets, thought they may only need one or two stamps in the set. They also buy items that they later discover they don't need. The ATA's Internet sales service (ToL) offers two ways to help get these items into the hands of collectors who want them:

1. Upload a scan of the item with catalogue number and price to ToL. You'll be selling them yourself and make money when someone buys them. ATA receives a small commission.
2. Donate the items to be sold to ATA through ToL. Send them to:
Myron Wambold, PO Box 2563, Inverness FL 34551-2563
or contact Myron via email at We will do the required work. ATA receives the full price of the items when someone buys them. At your request, you will receive a 501(c)3 letter for your donation.

Mixed mint-and-used, US-and-international stamps 
ATA, through “A Taste of Topicals,” uses donations of off-paper topical stamps with beginning collectors, Scouts and other youth. Preferably they are sorted by topic and 30 are placed in glassine envelopes. But ATA also gratefully accepts mixed lots of topical stamps.  Mail your donation to ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008.  It will be gratefully acknowledged.

Unused Postage
ATA happily receives many "leftovers" from collectors of US stamps. Any denomination or mixture of denominations is welcome, as real stamps are used on all of our outgoing mail. Most collectors purchase larger quantities of stamps from the USPS than will fit in their albums. When you mail leftover unused stamps to ATA, you receive a charitable donation letter to put with your tax records; when income tax time comes, you'll be glad you cleared out your stamp collecting area and mailed your extras to ATA!