Selected study unit - Captain Cook Society

On October 27, 1728, a boy was born in Marton, England; he was baptised on November 3 at The Parish Church of St. Cuthbert and named James Cook. His sailing career began at age 19 when he became a servant aboard the Freelove, serving for just over two months. After that, he worked his way up on a number of ships in private service and for the Royal Navy through what have come to be known as his three voyages in the 1770s. The Captain Cook Society was formed in 1975 and studies the life and many voyages of Captain Cook, as he has come to be known in history. Membership in the society includes a subscription to the quarterly journal Cook's Log, which features articles about all aspects of his life and work. The society's website,, includes a biography of Captain Cook, information on the ships he led, samples of related artworks, information about the destinations to which he sailed and more.

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