Selected study unit - Pitcairn Islands Study Group

The Pitcairn Islands, off the coast of New Zealand, is a small British colony of about 47 square miles. It was the first British colony in the South Pacific and remains the last territory in the region to still exist under direct British rule. Pitcairn Island was the first of the colony to be settled by mutineers and companions of the British ship HMS Bounty in 1790, a story that has been repeated in a number of books and films since. The island group has been inhabited by descendants of the crew and companions since then, reaching a population peak of 233 in 1937, but migration has reduced the colony's numbers to less than 50.(source) For philatelists, the Pitcairn Islands presents a topic that can be readily collected, even to completionist standards, with fewer than 1000 stamps issued and the vast majority of them at catalog values within the budget of the average collector. The Pitcairn Islands Study Group (PISG), founded in 1973, unites philatelists, historians and other interested parties to study the island group and all facets of life on the islands. Membership in PISG includes a subscription to the quarterly journal Pitcairn Log. More details about the Pitcairn Islands Study Group and the publications they have available is at the PISG web site,

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