Selected study unit - Rotary on Stamps Fellowship

In February 1905, a group of businessmen in Chicago met in an office on Dearborn Street and formed a service organization that would work to provide humanitarian services and encourage high ethical standards. The group chose the name Rotary for the new organization because the locations of several meetings after that rotated among the members' workplaces. The organization grew to include chapters around the world and now boasts more than 1.2 million members. With such a large membership, Rotary International has been commemorated on stamps of the world with more than 2,000 issues to collect. The Rotary on Stamps Fellowship was first founded as an ATA study unit, but has since become affiliated with both the American Philatelic Socity and Rotary International. Membership in the Rotary on Stamps Fellowship includes a subscription to the bimonthly journal The Rotary-on-Stamps Bulletin and access to a members-only website. The study unit's public website,, has sample pages of several of the study unit's publications and selected images of recent Rotary stamp issues.

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