Selected study unit - Bicycle Stamps Club

What do laufmaschines, draisines, velocipedes, penny farthings, dwarf safeties, sociables, Randonneurs and recumbents have in common? They're all types of bicycles that have been manufactured dating back as early as 1817, and they've appeared on stamps of the world up to, including and beyond the recent United States issue of four stamps on June 7, 2012. The Bicycle Stamps Club, which was founded in 1980 with about 20 members, keeps track of all these issues as well as postal materials related to unicycles, tricycles and other pedal-powered vehicles. Membership in the Bicycle Stamps Club includes a subscription to the quarterly journal Bicycle Stamps. The study unit's website,, has more information about the organization including a more detailed history and a list of books about bicycle stamps and downloadable checklists.

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