Selected study unit - Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors Club

Stamp printers and postal authorities never make mistaeks. When they do, the stamps that result are normally supposed to be destroyed and not made available to the public. The error could be caused by a problem with the way the paper was fed into the press or perforator, causing misregistrations, misperfs, inverts or paper folds. Or the error could be caused by a sheet not going through a press for one or more of multiple colors that are supposed to be present. A number of other problems could have happened during printing or perforation that made the stamps less than perfect. Sometimes, these errors do get into public hands and can sometimes lead to wildly exaggerated values for resale. In one case of a U.S. stamp that had a color invert error, the error's discovery led to the purposeful misprinting a large number of error sheets to devalue early specimens of error stamps. Whatever the problem with the stamps, the Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors Club will track it. The type of error on the stamp will determine whether it is an error, a freak or an oddity. Membership in this study unit includes a subscription to the quarterly journal EFO Collector, quarterly members-only auctions, access to estate assistance, exhibit critiques and seminars during the APS shows. These benefits and selected resources about errors are at the study unit's website,

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