Selected study unit - Fire Service in Philately

Ever since mankind first learned how to use fire, we have continually struggled to keep it under control. A helpful servant, fire can become a harsh and unforgiving master if unleashed. History is full of tales of fire rampaging through our towns and cities. In response, we have banded together to meet the threat and, over time, developed more sophisticated methods and tools for fighting fire. From the early bucket brigades to the modern, mechanized firefighting forces, the evolution of firefighting is a fascinating subject. The Fire Service in Philately Study Unit (FSIP) was first formed in 1976 to share our interest in all things fire related. Members share their knowledge in the quarterly newsletter Fire Stamp News. Articles run the gamut from studies of historic fires, to fire engines and fire boats to displays of event cancels and cinderellas. Members can also take advantage of a fire stamp new issues service run by FSIP's President John Zaranek, as well as checklist updates and advance notice of upcoming issues. FSIP also has a new Facebook page. The page is open to all and has photo galleries of stamps and covers and is an opportunity to share information, questions and comments in an open forum. Membership is open at an affordable rate to any interested philatelist.

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