Selected study unit - Mathematical Study Unit

This week contains a day that has become rather well-liked by mathematicians. "Pi Day" is celebrated on March 14 of every year in honor of the similarity of the numerical date (3/14) to the mathematical constant pi (3.14, represented by the Greek character π), and the similary of the constant's name (pi) to the name of a popular dessert dish (pie) has led to the dessert being served to commemorate the day. Here at the ATA, our thoughts turn to the Mathematical Study Unit which studies mathematical topics as they have appeared on stamps. In addition to mathematics and mathematicians on stamps, the study unit also includes computers in this collecting topic. The unit's quarterly journal Philamath includes information about mathematical concepts as they appear on stamps, biographies of mathematicians, checklist updates and more. Check out the study unit's website at for more information and a sample issue of Philamath that has more about pi's appearance on stamps of the world.

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