Selected study unit - Motivgruppe Musik

In its most basic definition, music is an art form that mixes sound and silence. In practical terms, it includes variations in pitch, rhythm and the interplay of various forms of sounds in both discordance and harmony. The earliest known musical instruments date back more than 40,000 years and the creation and performance of music in a myriad of styles is enjoyed worldwide, making depictions of musical works, composers and performances natural subjects for graphic arts such as is seen on stamps. In 2012, Motivgruppe Musik became one of the newest study units to affiliate with the ATA, although the group itself was formed in the mid-20th century. Motivgruppe Musik, based in Germany, studies the appearance of music, musicians, instruments and musical performances on stamps of the world. Members enjoy music-related philatelic exchanges, help in creating or dissolving a collection, help in creating a philatelic exhibit related to music, and even a music postmark service for some countries. All of this and more is detailed at the group's website,, which is translated in both German and English.

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