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ATA Study Units & Affiliates

American Topical Association Study Unit Program
The American Topical Association is composed of members who specialize in thematic or topical philatelic collecting. Those who share a specific topic band together to form "study units." These units promote their specific topic and encourage research on that topic. These groups then affiliate with the ATA to receive various benefits including a free review of their journal in Topical Time, the bi-monthly publication of the ATA. The units are eligible for a free meeting room during the annual National Topical Stamp Show (NTSS). The study unit receives free publicity in ATA listings, literature and press releases.

In return, each study unit agrees to to file an annual report with the American Topical Association, listing its officers and including a list of the unit's membership. The unit is encouraged to promote membership in the ATA by individual members.

ATA Study Units at NY2016
Click for a list in PDF format
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NTSS Study Unit Literature Competition 2015
In the Study Unit Literature Competition at NTSS 2015, awards from Bronze through Gold were bestowed on the journals of the various ATA Study Units which were entered in the competition.  The complete Palmares can be found at the link to the right.  Grand Awards were given to three journals:

For Study Units with less than 50 members
ARPA Journal
Armenian Philatelic Association – Jack Kifedjian, Editor

For Study Units with 50 to 200 members
Graphics Philately Association – Amanda L Morgenstern, Editor

For Study Units with more than 200 members
Ebony Society of Philatelic Events & Reflections – Don Neal, Editor

Study Unit Literature Competition
Logos Developed for NTSS 2015

American Topical Association Study Units & Affiliates

Americana Unit Journalists, Authors and Poets on Stamps (JAPOS)
Archaeological (Old World)
Study Unit
Judaica Thematic Society
Armenian Philatelic Association (ArPA) Lighthouse Stamp Society
Astronomy Study Unit Malaria Philatelists International
Bicycle Stamps Club Masonic Study Unit
Biology Unit Mathematical Study Unit
Books and Printing – Graphics Philately Association Medical Subjects Unit
Captain Cook Society Motivgruppe Musik
CartoPhilatelic Society Napoléonic Age Unit
Cats on Stamps Study Unit Penguins on Stamps Study Unit
Chemistry & Physics Study Unit Perfins Club
Chess on Stamps Study Unit Petroleum Philatelic Society International
Christmas Philatelic Club Pitcairn Islands Study Group
Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society Polar Philatelists,
American Society of
Disneyana on Stamps Society Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3)
Earth's Physical Features Study Unit Railroad Unit, Casey Jones
Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflecting (ESPER) Rotary on Stamps Fellowship
World of Engravers
Philatelic Association
Scouts on Stamps Society International
Errors, Freaks & Oddities
Collectors Club
Ships on Stamps Unit
Europa Study Unit Space Unit
Fine and Performing Arts Philatelists Sports Philatelists International
Fire Service in Philately Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
Gay & Lesbian History on
Stamps Club
Textiles Study Unit
Gems-Minerals-Jewelry Study Unit United Nations Philatelists
Halloween Spooktacular
Stamps ‘n Stuff
Windmill Study Unit
International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors Wine on Stamps Study Unit