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Wayne Youngblood, wk 21

Mike Vagnetti, wk 20

George F. Dekornfeld, wk 19

David Lorms, wk 18

Wayne Youngblood, wk 17

Jack Congrove, wk 14

Dawn Hamman, wk 13

Wayne Youngblood, wk 12

Greg Ciesielski, wk 10

Tony Curiale, wk 9

David Walker, wk 7

Mike Vagnetti, wk 6

Wayne Youngblood, wk 4

Wayne Youngblood Wayne Youngblood, wk 2

Dawn Hamman Dawn Hamman, wk 1

Jean Stout Jean Stout, wk 1

Topical Tuesday Results

Week 21 Winner

Wayne Youngblood
A vintage (ca. 1915) U.S. Poster stamp advertising Newark's Atlantic Seaport, complete with train, ship, factory, allegory, bird, barrels and more!



Week 20 Winner

Mike Vagnetti
A new (September 4, 2017) issue from The Solomon Islands! The sheet will fit into several topical areas, but the one only stamp I'm interested in adding to my collection is the Sherlock Holmes one! it comes both perforated and imperforate.



Week 19 Winner

George F. DeKornfeld
A jack 'o lantern topical cancel from Thomaston, Maine.



Week 18 Winner

David Lorms
A cover from the Heart Mountain Relocation Center (Japanese Internment camp).



Week 17 Winner

Wayne Youngblood
For Taco Tuesday (I mean topical), I steal an item from my avocado topical; what may well be the only government-issued taco on a stamp (from Sweden, no less!)...



Week 16 Winner - No Entries



Week 15 Winner - No Entries



Week 14 Winner

Jack Congrove
Here is a Topical Tuesday contribution courtesy of the Olympia Phlatelic Society here in the Northwest Federatin of Stamp Clubs. Centralia, Washington was founded by "our" George Washington. He was the son of a Virginia slave, but raised by a white couple who moved to Washington. When he grew older, he was successful in business and as able to purchase the land where he laid out the town.…/George_Washington_(Washington_pi…



Week 13 Winner

Dawn Hamman
Romania had an eclipse too--nice stamp! I hope you all enjoyed ours yesterday. Vera at the ATA office had a great view from Carterville, Illinois.



Week 12 Winner

Wayne Youngblood
A bit of a bizarre entry this Topical Tuesday: This 2012 stamp from Ukraine features an image from the 1929 film, "Man With a Movie Camera." It's the only stamp (likely) picturing a deisembodied eye in a camera shutter...



Week 11 Winner - No Entries



Week 10 Winner

Gregory Ciesielski
My favorite topical stamp is not one but 4. This Block of 4 Distinguished Marines honors four of the greatest Marines in our stellar history. LtGen John A Lejeune, LtGen Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, GySgt John Basilone and SgtMaj Dan Daly. LtGen Lejeune served from 1890 to 1929 capping off his career as the Commamdant of the Marine Corps. He was the first General to command a US Army Division when he commanded the 2nd Division in WWI. Lt Gen Puller served from 1918-1955 and he fought in Haiti, Nicaragua, WWII and Korea. He received five Navy Crosses for bravery and is only one of two military men to receive such an honor. GySgt Basilone served from 1934-37 in the US Army and 1940-1945 in the US Marine Corps. He earned the Medal of Honor for his heroism at Guadalcanal and the Navy Cross at Iwo Jima where his was killed in action. He was the only enlisted Marine to earn both of these awards in WWII. SgtMaj Dan Daly served from 1899 to 1929 and he fought during the Boxer Rebellion in China earning a Medal of Honor and 15 years later in Haiti and again earned a Medal of Honor for his heroism. During his time in WWII he earned the Navy Cross. These four Marines were some of the bravest, hard-charging, most revered Marines there were and todays Marines are still taught the lessons of their bravery. Many accolades have been paid to these four including bases, ships, streets, schools and monuments. These four stamps also spun off over 30+ pictorial postmarks.



Week 9 Winner

Tony Curiale
One of the oldest petrostamps in the world, the gushing oil well has long been the international symbol for wealth and prosperity. With the crude, sketch-like artistry, the thin, almost fragile paper it’s printed on, the ancient, wooden derrick on Azerbaijan Scott 16 stands as one of my favorite petroleum industry-related stamps. Although a low-catalog numbered issue, imperforate and possessing that valuable look it can be had, mint, for pennies.



Week 8 Winner - No Entries



Week 7 Winner

David Walker
A 'tiny topical' which I collect is stamps depicting slide rules. It could be regarded as a subset of the computing topical to include both analogue as well as digital computers.

With sophisticated calculators now barely an arms length away to all nowadays, whether cellphone app, laptop or even watch, it's easy to forget that before the mid-70s the slide rule in its many forms was a widely used tool.

To my knowledge there are only a dozen or so stamps depicting slide rules, some are 'blink and you'd miss it' depictions! The Nauru 2008 stamp below is my favourite as it is the most faithful depiction of one. The design is based on a WWII photograph of Whittle.

I also collect and use slide rules and the other photo shows part of my small collection and the many styles and sizes that were produced.



Week 6 Winner

Mike Vagnetti
My stamp entry for Topical Tuesday is one of my favorites. It is the fifth oldest on the ATA's new "Cigars on Stamps" checklist. This stamp was issued on May 19, 1944 in Cuba, is titled "Discovery of Tobacco" and has a Scott number of 390. This dark violet colored stamp shows that even way back then one could kick back and relax with a great cigar!

The "Cigars on Stamps" checklist is still a work in progress. If you are aware of any worldwide stamp that has an image of a cigar on it, please let the ATA know. Did you read this all of you Churchill collectors?



Week 5 Winner - No Entries



Week 4 Winner

Wayne Youngblood
Israel 2000, Science Fiction set (Scott 1424-1426): Jules Verne (space travel), Isaac Asimov (Robots, including clever incorporation of Golem) and my favorite, H.G. Wells (time travel). Authors featured on tabs.



Week 3 Winner - No Entries



Week 2 Winner

Wayne Youngblood
Here's a double topic on a 2003 stamp from Argentina. The corn (vegetables, agriculture) is obvious. But it's also a maps on stamps item. The kernels of corn are formed by criss-crossing streets of a town...



Week 1 Winners

Dawn Hamman
Here's my Topical Tuesday entry--for all banana lovers! This "mother of banana covers" features Tonga die-cut banana stamps issued in 1978. The `banana stamps, first issued in 1969, were so popular that other varieties were issued in 1970, 1972 and 1978. I am working on an exhibit about bananas. I got this cover (addressed to a college admissions office) from my friend Phil Stager. I hope the sender got in!

Jean Stout
This issue from French Southern Antarctic Territories is an excellent example of the detail work that goes into production of stamp issues. The body of the Emperor Penguin is utilized to illustrate six species of penguins. Each penguin has color and plumage marking to help with identification. I enjoy collecting penguin issues from around the world. The hobby helps me with geography and the understanding of different climates in different parts of the world, and also increases my vocabulary. Never too old to learn!!!