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Topical Time March/April 2015. Featuring details on NTSS 2015, Topics on Postmarks, Cinderella Corner and more!

Topical Time November/December 2013. Jane Austen, Truss Bridges, Gateway to Topicals: NTSS 2014 and more.

Topical Time

The Journal of the American Topical Association
Topical Time is the official journal of the American Topical Association, a 92 page bi-monthly publication. The journal includes illustrated and informative topical articles, checklists and dealer advertising. Among the regular features in Topical Time are: "Publication Reviews," "Chapter Chatter," and "Units in Action."

ATA members receive six issues of Topical Time with each year of membership. Back issues of the journal are available for $5 each.

Electronic Topical Time is Ready!

Beginning with this issue of Topical Time, all ATA members can access issues of our journal online.
This is a new membership service being offered by ATA.
You will receive an email every two months, when a new issue of our journal is posted, to let you know how to access it.
Issues of Topical Time beginning from January 2013 will always be available online.

Be sure to add to your email contacts, so your notices about new issues of Topical Time will not end up filtered into your spam box.
If you have a change in email address, be sure to notify ATA so you will receive timely notifications.
And, if you have an email address but haven’t supplied it to ATA, now is the time to email our office so you can receive this free service.
At this point, ATA has received email address notifications from 73% of our members.

The electronic Topical Time uses FlippingBook software. It has automatic page turning, hotlinks to websites and email address and other neat features for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Do check it out at: Electronic Topical Time

To contact our editor please send your inquires & questions to: Wayne Youngblood, 4615 Lindell Blvd Apt 1102, St. Louis, MO 63108-3720 or email him at:

Topical Time depends on its readers for articles. Therefore, all ATA members are welcome to submit manuscripts for publication consideration.