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Front & back of the Topical Time wafer drive.

Topical Time Volume 1
Topical Time Volume 1, Winter 1949. Click to enlarge.

Topical Time Digital Archive
Topical Time is the official journal of the American Topical Association, a 92 page bi-monthly publication. The ATA has released a complete digital archive of Topical Time dating from 1949 to present. It contains 400+ issues of the thematic journal, totaling more than 35,000 pages, in an electronically searchable .pdf format. The Archive is housed in a 8 Gb water-style flash drive the size of a credit card. It plugs into USB ports in both PC and Apple computing devices.

Topical collectors seem delighted with the comprehensive searchable index supplied with the Archive. Via the index one can search for words or phrases through single or multiple issues, or perform an advanced search. The index is supplied in three different formats (see above at the right.) One can also save articles as separate files on your harddrive for later use. To learn more about how the archive and index work, click the power point presentation at the right.

There is ample space on the Archive flash drive for hundreds more issues of Topical Time. Archive users are downloading current and future Topical Time issues from the ATA website at Purchasers of the Topical Time Archive who are ATA members will have access to FlippingBook versions of every issue on a website.

The comprehensive digital archive of Topical Time is available from the ATA Office for $99 postpaid. Payment may be by check to ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL  62918-0008, or PayPal to Call 618-985-5100 for more information or to pay by credit card.

Archived Articles by Topic
Over the 60 years that the ATA has been in existence, many articles have appeared in our award-winning magazine, Topical Time. In the accompanying list, the articles published from 1949-2012 have been grouped by topic or topics. The topics include articles that are of a general nature; subtopics are listed in many instances. The number of pages noted beside the main topic includes all of the subtopic pages.

Article copies by topic are available for $0.30 per page (pdf file delivered by email) or $0.50 per page (printed and mailed.) Please mail or email requests. Send a U.S. check for payment to ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, or pay by PayPal to The following methods of payment are also accepted: VISA/MasterCard/Discover Credit, or post office money orders.

Many thematic collectors have found elusive information in the Topical Timearchived articles, and especially in the 34,000+ pages available in the digital archive, that is available nowhere else. Enrich your collecting by purchasing these amazing resources.