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Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting
Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting is available free as a membership bonus for new ATA members.

What is Topical Collecting?
Topical or thematic stamp collectors develop themes or story lines based on images or subjects of the collected stamps. They assemble their collections according to themes or topics instead of by country.

Where to get more information on Topical Collecting
The ATA has a full-color 96-page handbook on the basics of this educational hobby: Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting, written by former Topical Time editor George Griffenhagen and ATA founder, Jerry Husak. The handbook is free to all new ATA members.

The ATA is a nonprofit association organize to support collectors and answer questions about topical collecting. You are invited to peruse this website, then email with any questions.

Where to get information on all aspects of stamp collecting
For a wide range of "general" philatelic information, we recommend
ATA is the largest affiliate of the American Philatelic Society,